10 things to know before hiring your contractor

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10 Things to know before hiring your contractor

1.Check your contact’s response time
You want to pay attention to the time it takes for a contractor to get back to you after your initial contact.
2.What are the contractors’ payment terms?
It is common for clients to pay contractors a percentage upfront, but how much do they want?
3.Who is the main point of contact?
Just a few introduce you to everyone and expect that you’ll be dealing with all three depending on what you want to know. 
4.How do you meet with them?
Are they going to come out to your house? Can you chat with someone over the phone or online? 
5.Can you work together?
Some contractors believe that since they are professionals, your job is to listen to them rather than the other way around. They may dismiss your ideas outright, or possibly even start telling you what they’re going to do without even asking what you want. This is not a good working relationship.
6. Do they include any follow-up services?
Some companies offer extra follow-up services once the job is done to help you deal with specific problems that may come up. This can be in the form of a warranty policy or some other extended service offer.
7. What is the time-frame for completing your project? 
Before choosing a contractor, you need to ask them how long it will take.
8.How do they work, their presentation, and technology tool? does the company do updates?
If you’re someone who likes to know everything but wants to be in control, look for a company using software that connects you to the process and allows you to see everything and communicate on your own terms.
9.Will the decking contractor get the required permits?
Your contractor should always get the required permits when building your deck, addition, kitchen, and bathroom. Not all projects require permits, but the majority do. Make sure you ask your contractor if you need a permit for this work and see if they are knowledgeable about these issues.
10.Is your contractor licensed and insured?
This one probably seems pretty simple and straightforward because a contractor’s business license is a public record and they should be able to provide you with a certificate of insurance.

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